Stone Bowl Natural Colour

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Details about Stone Bowl Natural Colour:
Hookah phunnel made of solid stone

Height: approx. 9cm
Diameter above: approx. 8cm
Funnel hole diameter: approx. 14mm
Filling height: approx. 1cm
Outer diameter (connection): approx. 4cm
Inner diameter (connection): approx. 23mm

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Kaya Shisha Stone Bowls - Natural coloured Stone Phunnel

With the Kaya stone bowl, we offer attractive single-hole bowls for hookahs made of natural stone in different colour variations. The phunnel made of solid natural stone is an optical highlight with excellent heat utilisation. It is completely left in its natural state and therefore not glazed. The bowl is insensitive to the effects of intense heat. With a total height of 90mm, it conforms to the height of common tobacco bowls.

Sufficient space for tobacco and tobacco substitute

The tobacco deposit of the phunnel is not glazed. Nevertheless, the smooth stone surface automatically simplifies cleaning, as tobacco residues can be easily removed again and no aroma substances from previous sessions can accumulate in the bowl. The vent hole is approx. 14mm in size. The rim area is raised to prevent tobacco or tobacco substitute from falling through the bowl and/or blocking the airflow.

Suitable for smokeboxes & chimneys

The phunnel is suitable for aluminium foil setups but also for use with smokeboxes and chimneys. It has an appropriate storage rim for accessories to keep the distance to the tobacco. Attention: It is essential to pay attention to the diameter of the accessories! The bowl can only be used with a chimney of max. Ø 72mm or with a smokebox of max. Ø 68-71mm. Please note that the relatively low filling height of only 1cm should not be exceeded when using an HMD in order not to impair the taste.


The stone bowl is made of natural stone with grains and discolourations as marble usually shows. Therefore, each bowl is unique and can differ considerably from the images.

Due to its heavy weight, it should not be used with glass hookahs. The pressure can damage the ground glass joints.

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