Superbowl 14.5 sandblasted

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Details of the Superbowl 14.5

Height: ca. 5.5cm joint included
Ground glass joint: 14.5 female
Diameter: ca. 25mm
Completely sandblasted

With "female" joint and a glass handle

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What makes the Heisenberg Superbowl so super

The Superbowl by Heisenberg is a completely matt sandblasted bong bowl piece made of glass. The glass bowl belongs to the pinch bowls with an extremely narrow opening, that allows the bowl to be smoked without the use of an additional sieve.

What makes this bowl so special is its ground joint. Unlike usual, it is not located on the outside, but on the inside of the bowl piece. It is female - so it is suitable for use with glass bongs that have a male 14 connection. This allows you, for example, to use a range of different dab rigs, which often come with a male connector, to smoke dry herbs with.
Of course, the Superbowl can also be used on an ordinary bong with a suitable adapter piece.

With small glass handle

On the side of the Superbowl there is a small glass handle. With this you can move the Superbowl tobacco bowl without burning your fingers. This is particularly practical when smoking bongs that do not have a kick hole and are therefore emptied via lift-off - by lifting the bowl.

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EAN 4056159037356
Product weight 0.06 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color sandblasted
Cut 14.5
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