Heisenberg Ocean with triple Honeycomb

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Beautiful, big glass bong by Heisenberg with 3 blue honeycomb percolators PLUS 1 Drum-Perc

Height: approx. 45 cm
Ground glass joint: 18.8
Neck diameter: approx. 50 mm
Glass thickness: approx. 5 mm
Base diameter: approx. 11cm
Bowl: Standard bowl, 18.8 male
Percolator: 3x Honeycomb PLUS 1x Drum-Perc
Ice notches: Yes
Carb hole: No

Blue HEISENBERG writing
Mouthpiece, base and percolators are highlighted in blue.

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OCEAN - Dive into a sea of percolators!

In the Ocean glass bong by Heisenberg, three ( 3) honeycombs PLUS one ( 1) drum perc are located. The fact that these diffusers are colour-coded in blue is just the visual component of it.
You take the smoke through three levels of glass with small holes in them and then through a washer-drum shaped chamber. Okay, you need a reasonably strong lung for that, but the result will convince you. The smoke is wonderfully smooth and pleasant. This bong will definitely give you a lot of pleasure.

Stemless design

The Heisenberg Ocean belongs to group of stemless bongs. Meaning that it already has a chillum fixed to the outside of the bong and does not require an additional chillum to be used. You can simply pack and insert the supplied bowl or another one of your choice and get started straight away. To ensure that the outer chillum sits more firmly in place and does not put too much pressure on the bottom connection point, the chillum is connected to the cylindrical glass body of the Ocean below its ground joint sleeve via a Dewar's Joint - an extra glass joint.

Ocean freshness thanks to the extra ice box

The ice notches embedded in the bong above the percolators create a protrusion inside the bong neck. On the one hand, this takes on the function of a splash guard by tapering the smoke path in such a way that raised drops of water are intercepted at an early stage. Furthermore, the taper serves as a possibility to fill the smoke path up to the mouthpiece with ice cubes or coarse crushed ice to give the smoke an extra cooling immediately before inhalation.

Scope of delivery
1x Heisenberg Ocean percolator bong, 18.8 female
1x standard bowl piece 18.8 male

More Information
EAN 4056159093765
Product weight 1.20 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color blue
Cut 18.8
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang
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