Heisenberg Twin Tower glass bong

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Technical data of the Twin Tower glass bong by Heisenberg:

Height: approx. 57 cm
Ground glass joint: 18.8 mm
Neck diameter: approx. 50mm
Downstem: 18.8>18.8mm diffused downstem (~12cm)
Bowl piece: 18.8 Heisenberg standard bowl
Ice pinches: Yes
Carb hole: Yes
Percolator: 4x Ufo Style Showerhead

Included in delivery is a silicone plug for the carb hole

With black, round Heisenberg logo

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Twin Tower - 18/8 Ice bong with carb and 4-fold percolator

The Twin Tower gives you fabulously soft hits with super volume. Nevertheless, it is still easy to puff with the right water level. The multiple diffusion in combination with the smoke path extension, achieved by dividing the bong into 2 separate smoke paths, makes inhalation downright obscenely pleasurable.

There are a total of 5 areas for the smoke to be dispersed. The chillum first ends in a diffuser that protrudes into the beaker of the bong. From there, the smoke is directed into a percolator chamber with Ufo style Showerhead Perc, where it goes through another cooling process. This procedure is repeated on 3 more showerhead percolators.

If the smoke is still not cool enough despite this blatant run, you can subject it to another cooling cycle using ice cubes with the help of the ice notches embedded in the neck of the bong.

The bong is equipped with a carb hole. This has the advantage that the bowl does not have to be lifted in order to be used. In addition, cleaning and drying the bong after use is simplified. To keep your fingers clean while smoking and to make cleaning the bong even easier, a silicone stopper is included in the delivery.

Scope of delivery
1x Twin Tower Bong, 18.8 female
1x Diffused downstem 18.8>18.8 length: approx. 12cm
1x Standard bong bowl piece, 18.8, male
1x Silicone stopper

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EAN 4056159116105
Product weight 2.00 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Cut 18.8
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang
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