Uhrwerk 2.0 with silicone base

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Technical data:
Uhrwerk glass bong by Heisenberg

Height: ca. 25 cm
Ground joint: 14.5
Tube diameter: ca. 1 cm
Diameter bodies: ca. 6 cm
Entire width: ca. 16 cm
Slide: 14.5 standard slide, male
Carb hole: No
Ice notches: No
Diffuser: Slithole; Honey Comb
Silicone base in orange

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UHRWERK 2.0 with silicone base

"Without carb hole" is still the most harmless thing you can say about this glass bong by Heisenbeg. One look is enough and the special features of this smoking device become clear:
. A body that consists of two parts, one cylindrical and one funnel-shaped. In the cylinder you will also find a fixed diffuser, as well as a honey comb, through which the smoke must pass before it is drawn into the upper funnel-shaped chamber.
It bubbles and swirls in the water, which is fun and enjoyable.
There are clearly visible Heisenberg logos on the 18.8 WSP standard head and on the bong - so there can be no doubt about its provenance.
And the most obvious feature is the silicone base. It is stable and flexible at the same time, into which the glass cylinder of the bong is pressed. The silicone is bright orange.
An HNBG bong for all the senses!

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